Bank Strategic Plan Template

Strategy cannot be executed if it cannot be communicated, so we have designed a one page format (put the two pages side by side so that it is one, 8 ½ x 17 page) that includes all the various components of strategy.

Once you complete the form to your right, we will provide you with a sample of a completed One Page Bank Strategic Plan™ for a fictitious community bank. All of the terminology may not be familiar to you, so please contact us with any questions.

In a planning project, we would complete this document for you as we worked through a facilitated session. We would also provide about 8 pages of supporting documentation including brief descriptions of each section and definitions of the terminology.

We would love to hear your questions and please share your experiences as you use this powerful tool.

NOTE: Our sample One Page Bank Strategic Plan™ is available to US bank executives only. By requesting and receiving a copy of Abound Resources One Page Bank Strategic Plan™ you are agreeing to the following terms:
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