Feedback Ratings

Abound Resources is one of very few companies in our industry that maintains a formal client satisfaction process. At the conclusion of every engagement or project our Client Services Department asks each client to rate our performance on 12 key factors. We are pleased to report that – on a scale of 1 to 5 – our clients consistently rate us at the very high end of that scale.

(Overall average 4.6)
Average Score* Client
1. How well did Abound Resources demonstrate industry knowledge and relevant experience and bring innovative ideas to your organization? 4.50 "Process improvement docs very valuable, sparked project list and priorities. Documentation of selection process was a time saver for examiner due diligence."
2. Were our recommendations achievable and appropriate to your situation? 4.75 "Contract negotiations most beneficial/helpful/cost effective Very pleased overall, process improvement very thorough"
3. How well did we perform relative to timetables and agreed upon schedules? 4.67 "Good organization. Very inclusive. We are more than satisfied with what we got."
4. How effectively did Abound Resources manage to budget? 4.58  
5. How well did our staff communicate with bank staff and management during the engagement? 4.67 "Process was pleasant. At TBA we heard good things about Abound from others."
6. How effectively did we explain our work and transfer knowledge to your staff? 4.50 "Reduced avg mthly bill by 10k a month. Jake clicked with Beth, he was really attuned to our needs."
7. How effectively did we work with your staff while demonstrating an understanding of your culture, objectives and strategies? 4.58  
8. How well did Abound Resources staff meet your standards of reliability and integrity? 4.79  
9. If there were issues during the engagement, how effectively were they addressed and resolved? 4.67  
10. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the engagement. 4.58  
11. How likely is your organization to consider engaging Abound Resources for future engagements? 4.67 "Absolutely"
12. How likely would you be to recommend Abound Resources to others? 4.50 "Already have"

*average feedback rating score based on a criteria of 1 (worst/lowest) to 5 (best/highest) per question. Scores are updated quarterly.